Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another week

Well it’s a dreary Saturday outside here in the “Great White North” (well it’s not white yet but we will see more white than green over the next 6 months!!)

Chris & Tammye got back from their cruise on Saturday (11th) after dinner and we had a nice evening visiting and looking at their pictures. In the picture , Linda is with Hunter & Camdyn. Camdyn is wearing an oversized top that her mom brought her from Jamacia. Either it will need adjustments or it will have to wait for her to grow into it. If she keeps sprouting like she has been that won't be long.

Camdyn came down with a sore throat and cough that had kept her out of school Thursday & Friday. Her mother took her to the doctor on Monday and found she had sinus/ear infection and she is now on antibiotics. Aside from that we had a great time with the kids sharing in their stories – I suffered my usual “whupping” at the video games administered by my 8 year old grandson – How on earth can you figure out which of those 10 buttons to push at the right time to keep from getting blown up or falling in a hole??

Sunday we decided to head out mid-afternoon and drove as far as Oconto, WI before stopping for the night. Monday,we drove through rain, sleet and some snow before the precipitation stopped about 30 minutes from home.

The rest of the week whizzed by as I was catching up on my projects, class work and the occasional foray to find what was going on out in “blogland”. Linda was busy getting the house back into order to her satisfaction – although I will say she was pleased that I had managed to keep it from looking like a disaster.

We spent a few hour cleaning out the garage and packing summer stuff away into the shed so we can get the car in before the snow flies and that's pretty much it for this week.

A few things happened while we were away that I hadn’t mentioned.

On the way to Aurora I stopped for lunch in Merrellville Indiana to meet Glenn Ziegler – a “blogging buddy” that I met on the Berean Spirit list. He is a “tad” taller than I am. He is 2 metres (6’ 7”) -- "towering" 28 cm (11 inches higher than I -- and out weighs me by a few kilos (lbs) as well. We had a short visit over lunch. Good to put a face and a “real” person to add to the “virtual” conversations that we have had.

I received an email from my sister Goldie that Morris was finally scheduled for hip replacement surgery on December 4th, earlier than expected. He has been in a lot of pain and we pray that the surgery will allow him to get around without having to endure that.

On the 7th I got an email from my sister Ruby announcing that my Dad now has 71 direct descendents with the 35th great-grandchild (Art & Ruby’s their 3rd grandchild ) being born to James & January Ford. To learn more about Kiera Lynn Ford click HERE

I also got an email from my youngest sister Diamond (that’s all of the family “jewels” heard from!!) reporting on her ongoing medical issues with loss of balance and inability to concentrate which means that for now she is unable to drive. That is a challenge for her and we pray that the Drs. will figure out something to resolve it.

There was a lot of chatter on the NET about the US elections this past week. Monday was the day for municipal elections here in Ontario. Our Mayor John Roswell was re-elected for a 3rd term. Some people may be puzzled by that because he has had a global view and a lot of “wild-eyed” schemes to improve our economy by various international trade initiatives which required him to make several trips to other continents. He was sometimes referred to in the press as “jet setting” Johnny. His opponents mostly ran campaigns of “not doing what he was doing” rather than outlining a positive agenda that would provide benefits to the community and I suspect that people voted for “trying to do something” rather than “complaining about how that something was being done” . I’m basically “apolitical” and, while I exercise my right to vote, I usually give it to those who I feel will be most focused on working for the good of the community rather than pursuing selfish agendas – although sorting that out can make your head hurt.

For the rest of this post I want to point you to some interesting blog traffic that I browsed through this week .

My friend Dee Andrews sent this note “I'm very happy to announce that Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles is starting a new mini-contest today. Rules are simple. There aren't any except that you only have two weeks to enter your submissions. The contest is to officially name the new Finding Direction Fan Club. Read about it here: Finding Direction Fan Club Name Contest

Bobby Cohoon from North Carolina wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article on allergies pondering on how to see this affliction as one of the blessings of God’s creation. Click HERE

Mike Cope talks about a book by Barry Schwarz on our consumer society and why “More is less
John Dobbs tries to relieve his angst about living with a doctor ordered diet by offering a little light hearted chatter about a ”plethora” of things. Click Here

Larry James challenges Christians to think about the justice behind oppressing the poor and alien workers in the US – but I think there are issues here at home that fit in this category Click HERE

Finally, Bobby Valentine gives us something to laugh at in his listing of which Hymn is suitable for various occupations and driving habits Click HERE

I did come across a new blog site on denominations referred to by “Wren” who visited and left a comment here last week. I haven’t had time to explore it yet so I don’t have any comment on what might be found there.

Well that’s my week – Hope you all had a good one – What will next week bring? God knows and God is good. (even though I may not always see the good I know it is there to be found)

God Bless


Bobby Cohoon said...

thanks for the pics..... you have a good looking family. And, don't worry I haven't figured out how to beat a kid on a video game yet. What really agravates me though is I have a niece that can type over 50 words a minute while she is looking around an talking to me, all the while I have to use all three of my typing fingers to get maybe 10-20 words a minute...and then have to deal with spell check!!

Also thanks for the pic of you and Brother Glenn. It helps so much when you can put a face to the words we read.

JD said...

Thanks for the linkage!

Hey...great pic of you and Zig! Thanks for sharing!

Also of Linda and the grandchildren...awesome!

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Thanks for your very kind remarks about KINGDOM COME on John Dobbs blog.

I love the pics too ....

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Cohoon said...

Ok, Charlie, I know it's thanksgiving here in the states but y'all celebrate it at a different time, so there is no reason you ain't updated this blog yet! :-)
I know it isn't thanksgiving there but down here I am thankful that I have met people like you adn the others that have signed this blog.
Bless you brother