Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tempus fugit

Here it is Saturday again- It hardly seems like yesterday when I was posting and expressing the hope that I might manage to get back to doing more than one postper week. Where has the week gone?

Ephesians 5:15-16 says “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity (KJV says ‘Redeeming the time’ ), because the days are evil.

As I sat yesterday pondering this question of "Where had the week gone" – I wondered if I had been wise in the use of my time so I started reviewing the week.

Starting with the positive – time flew by because I was busy and getting a number of things done that needed to be done and that’s good(I think). It was also good that time is flying by because it brought me one week closer to seeing my wonderful wife who has been off “grandma-ing” since October 9.

However, there was the long list of things that hadn’t got done including the housework – wonder why that got left behind?

So what did I do?

Sunday – Morning services and afternoon group followed by a pleasant lunch at the Herzog's plus some reading and relaxation doing the puzzles in the last week’s paper took care of Sunday.

Monday – The big job was getting the “beast” serviced and then put into storage for the winter. Took all morning and some of the afternoon. Some email and time on the blog/list circuit and that day was gone.

It was a nostalgic time and sad as well when I walked away after parking the BBB in the storage warehouse. Nostaligic as I bade farewell to our travels for 2006. Lots of good memories –from Pascagoula and Texas –lots of new friends -- inspiration to be a better servant but sadness also because as far as we know we won’t be going south this year.

Tuesday- Pumpkins & ghosts. In the morning I had a meeting with Lloyd to go over a few things related to congregational plans and activities. I had to get a mid-term test ready for one class and prepare for another. I had a meeting at the university to review some planned program changes that affected courses I often teach and then give the exam and conduct a class. Another day gone.

We don’t get many trick or treaters but I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be here so I made up a poster and a basket of candy that I was going to leave on the porch. Turned out I didn’t have to because Alyssa was here to handle it. Anyhow I decided I wanted a picture to put on the poster and I found this one. Coincidentally my blogging friend Dee had it posted on her blog as well (although I see it is gone now) -

Tuesday was also the big day for Kevin. He is working on hisPh.D. in Neuropsychology at SFU . The reason Linda is there doing her grandma thing is that he needed to put a big push on his dissertation proposal and she was there look after Will while Sarah worked so he could spend his time getting this done. Tuesday he successfully defended the proposal – Way to go Kevin!!!

Unfortunately – it was sort of a good news bad news success. They told him that if he was going to meet his goal of having the research done by September so he could start his internship he would need to be dedicating 60 hours a week to get it done. That above trying to watch Will and work part-time is a big hurdle. As always I pray that they will look to God for help in this situation and that He will show a way that is best for them.

The other thing I came across related to Halloween was a song-video posted by John Dobbs called “The Nightmare before Christmas” – a haunting song with a poignant message for those who try to walk alone in this world. (Click HERE and scroll down – first the words and then the video from YOUTUBE) (BTW - I was honored to see that John mentioned my "Why do I blog" post in one of his postings last week.)

Wednesday – I had a Red Cross run – volunteer driver to take a lady to the Group Health centre for an appointment. Spent sometime reading while waiting. Rest of day was marking the exams and other miscellaneous stuff with some short stints on the list. I let myself get drawn into a non-productive debate about some doctrinal issues – which isn’t really important here—but I try to avoid discussions that just go around in circles with nothing new being said – but it took a couple of days to dig myself out of that “rabbit chasing” exercise.

Thursday - It started snowing . I had a dental checkup in morning and had to have a tire on the car repaired in the p.m. plus class and going to the “Full flame” session after that.

Friday – It was still snowing – I rushed out to put up the “rode-houses” (covers for Linda’s Rhodies – which should have been done earlier but October was a very wet & cold month and I kept thinking there’ll be a better day – (You can see them (the "houses") in the picture I took out the living room window this morning).

Then I had to clean out driveway – broke my rule about “no snow shoveling until after Christmas. Did some housecleaning . Rest of day was spent email and other computer stuff – I found an interesting article on the shift in attitudes towards moral issues in the so-called Buster generation and exchanged a couple of emails with my bro-in-law Art on his thoughts about that.

Went out for supper with my Dad and went in to visit Mary Seabrook. She is resting comfortably medication to deal with the pain. Leona is spending long days sitting with her mother. We visited for a while, prayed together and then Dad and I came home.

And so the week went. I did get to visit a number of blog sites that I haven’t been to for a while.

I had an email conversation with a blogging friend Dee Andrews which led me Mike Cope’s site where I discovered a link to well presented talk (by ScotMcKnight) on the topic of postmodernism and the church. I don’t quite get post-modern thought - I guess I'm too "modern" (or rational) in my thinking but it was good to have it explained in terms I could understand.

My listing activity was “normal” with 37 entries. I did a quite a bit of email catch up and sent out over40 emails (not counting “school” related on the university system). I learned about bananas by visiting my nephew Craig’s blog (Click Here)

Well - time flew - but it is kind of boring to tell about it I guess – Hopefully next time I’ll have something more interesting to think about

God Bless

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