Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm afraid to say I'm starting again

My desire to start a weekly posting on "breaking the cognitive egg" remains just that -- an unfulfilled desire. I'm beginning to think it just isn't meant to be and yet fatalism and passive acceptance of things that could be changed aren't very healthy -- So for now I'm seeking "the wisdom to know the difference"

The last six weeks have been interesting to say the least. We made a trip to visit our son Chris (and I had the satisfaction of installing a suspended ceiling in his basement). When we arrived Linda began experiencing severe shoulder and arm pain that as best we can tell is a chronic pain with no specific cause. She was essentially beridden for 3 weeks and between running to doctor's appointments and house work my days were fairly full -- and then as she began to recuperate I foolishly burned my little finger and that along with continuing other responsibilities for my Dad and worki at the church has left me with little energy for this project -- so the beat goes on -- I haven't given up -- and I've given up being driven to accomplish something that for whatever reason hasn't made it to the "must do" list.

Perhaps this is a lesson in patience or perhaps it's an exercise in rationalization -- I'm not sure and I'm not going to worry about it -- God knows and I trust in his grace in all these things.

God Bless