Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm afraid to say I'm starting again

My desire to start a weekly posting on "breaking the cognitive egg" remains just that -- an unfulfilled desire. I'm beginning to think it just isn't meant to be and yet fatalism and passive acceptance of things that could be changed aren't very healthy -- So for now I'm seeking "the wisdom to know the difference"

The last six weeks have been interesting to say the least. We made a trip to visit our son Chris (and I had the satisfaction of installing a suspended ceiling in his basement). When we arrived Linda began experiencing severe shoulder and arm pain that as best we can tell is a chronic pain with no specific cause. She was essentially beridden for 3 weeks and between running to doctor's appointments and house work my days were fairly full -- and then as she began to recuperate I foolishly burned my little finger and that along with continuing other responsibilities for my Dad and worki at the church has left me with little energy for this project -- so the beat goes on -- I haven't given up -- and I've given up being driven to accomplish something that for whatever reason hasn't made it to the "must do" list.

Perhaps this is a lesson in patience or perhaps it's an exercise in rationalization -- I'm not sure and I'm not going to worry about it -- God knows and I trust in his grace in all these things.

God Bless


JLTan said...

I understand. These challenges are hard. But sometimes, we make them harder than they need to be by wanting to be busier than what we really need to be.

God instituted that we should have both work and rest, but we sometimes don't get tbe balance right.

Dee Andrews said...

Charlie -

I most keep up with you on Facebook, but just dropped by to see if you are still blogging. It looks like you WANT to be, as it is with just about all of us "oldies." I'm still writing a couple posts a week, but enjoy FB for really keeping up with just tons of friends.

I like this post and hope you'll continue. Hope you & Linda are well and going good works. Sorry I've been so long in getting around.

Love ya!


Mike said...
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Candle (C & L) said...

Thanks JL & Dee thank you -- You are right the blogging has been pushed into the background by other things -- although I really don't want to give it up and time will tell if it is meant to die or continue.