Monday, December 04, 2006

Or 2 …

Incredibly it has been over 2 weeks since I last did an entry. I thought I’d better put something here just to let anyone who hasn’t given up on me know that I’m still alive.This will be short because I have a full day scheduled.

I won’t bother making any excuses for not blogging. Bobby Cohoon in his comment (November 23rd) on my last post said I had no excuse and I believe him. The truth is that I have been focused on a number of other things and I have just ran out of day before I had the chance to do a journal entry.

Looking back though I can’t remember too many “big” things – just life – that has kept me busy.

It has taking a fair bit of time keeping up with my courses, with end of term approaching that has required additional effort and I’m still behind on grading as a result of being away. I also was working on a proposal through the university to do some training for a local company. And of course there were the usual family & church things to keep up with.

We made a trip last week end to Meaford (24th – 26th)for Clyde & Wilma Lansdell’s 50th. I hope to have some pictures and more detail from that in my next post.

I haven’t even been able to make my blogging rounds and I’ve not been doing anything with the Berean list – other than reading and making the occasional comment and I haven’t even looked at it for several days. On the up side I haven’t been experiencing “withdrawal” so I guess my “addicition” isn’t too severe.

Dee Andrews gave me an “honorable” mention in her “judges” report on her contest. (Maybe it would be better tosay “dishonorable” since I got hung upon the acronym DOA (based on her initials).Anyhow you can find the results by clicking on the link in her email below.

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:32:57 -0600From: Dee Ann Andrews
Subject: Finding Direction Contest Winners Announced!!

Hi!Y'all drop by Finding Direction to see all of the winning names and the big winners announced today from the Finding Direction Name the Fan Club Contest that just ended. It's a fun day!
Cheers, y'all!
Have a fun day yourselves!Dee

There are several situations that have occupied some of our time and a lot of our prayers.

We have friends – Harold & Marion Long who are part of our church family at Pinehill. Marion’s younger brother Danny (Hilderly) had been ill a few weeks ago and I visited him in hospital. He had gone home and was doing reasonably well but and last weekend he had a stroke and passed away suddenly. We attended the funeral last Tuesday.

Linda’s sister-in-law Sally (Goodmurphy) was there because of a church connection to Danny’s nephew who was ”officiating” at the funeral so we invited them over and had a good visit over coffee. Unfortunately with large families we don’t get to visit them that often. (Which reminds me that Linda also spent a half day looking after her niece Tracy’s twins last week)

My brother-in-law Morris is undergoing hip replacement surgery this morning.

We have been concerned with our granddaughter Camdyn as she fights off an ear/throat infection that has persisted since we were there a couple of weeks ago. She seems to be over it now but it has been a special concern to us because of the situation with our friend’s granddaughter as described in email I sent to some friends of ours last evening.

Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 19:56:26
Subject: Kayla (Roetman) & Jack King

**Update - Sunday evening **
Kayla - remains in hospital. (We talked to Christie (Rachel's sister) tonight. Christie spent the weekend at the hospital -- Kayla is in a lot of pain but is stable - with no fever. They did a minimally invasive surgery (elbow & arm) on Friday evening putting in "holes" so they could flush out the infected areas and put in antibiotics.

Best case she will be in hospital for week to 10 days while the remaining infection is completely cleared out of her system. Worst case - the infection is spread into her bones in which case they will put a direct IV in for antibiotic treatment --At this point they are NOT talking of anything more radical to stop the infection. (By the way - we had her age mixed up she is 5 - closer to our granddaughter not our grandson's age).

Len & Tracy left SSM this morning to travel to be with them.

** Original - on Saturday **
Some of you know that Len & Tracy's daughter Heather has a suspicious lump and is scheduled to see a surgeon for a biopsy on December 12.

In addition to that stress in their family, last evening their granddaughter Kayla (their oldest daughter Rachel's oldest child -- approx 8 years old) was admitted to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton and underwent surgery to her knee and elbow to remove flesh damaged by a virulent infection and to pack in antibiotics to try to stop the spread.

While we are uncertain of the details it appears that this is the result of a "superbug" that sometimes attacks people who have been using antibiotics to address another form of infection. In Kayla's case she has just finished treatment for pneumonia, The doctors said they might have to do additional surgery dependent on whether this was sufficient to stop the spread of the infection.

A very serious and worrisome situation.Len & Tracy are making preparations to travel to Hamilton to be there to support Rachel as they work through this.
Please be praying for Kayla, Heather and the Roetman family as they deal with these situations.

Jack King ** Update **
Jack continues to be in serious distress at home. The antibiotics may have reduced the severity of the infection but have yet not made any significant improvement in the symptoms. They will be reviewing the situation with Dr. tomorrow to determine next steps.

** Original (Friday –Dec. 1)**
Barb King just called and they have confirmed that Jack has contracted the C-Difficile infection -- which is causing very severe gastrointestinal distress, He is at home, on a clear fluids diet and is struggling to stay hydrated. Now that they have confirmed the source they are putting him on medication to treat it.
(Some may know that Jack was ill a couple of weeks ago with similar symptoms but the original testing was negative. He recovered for about a week and then had this relapse.)
In any case please be praying for Jack & for Barb.

Well folks that’s it for now – hopefully I will be able to get back to doing this a little more frequently. Classes end this week – I give my exams Thursday & Friday so it will be a full week.

God Bless

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Bobby Cohoon said...

it's about time you update! I thought you were having bad withdrawl and they had you committed! :-) I have added all these prayer concerns to my list.