Monday, June 12, 2006

Living by Faith

I believe in the God revealed in the Bible and I believe the Bible is the source of God’s truth for our lives. I have faith that God will keep his promises if I place my trust in him.

Having said that many things happen in between faith and the reality of our daily lives that require me to daily “let go & let God” and some days that commitment to faith doesn’t even last until I’ve gotten out of bed (I think there’s a story about a prayer that end’s with “I think I’m going to really need your help today because I’m just about to get out of bed”)

I had a good week last week with my grandchildren – spent a lot of time on the deck watching them play in the pool and with their friends. Of course they often had small problems where grandpa had to intervene and help them – As you watch them play and think about what lies ahead in their lives you wish that you could be sure that they have only good things – that you could shield them from the drugs and pornography and criminal behaviors that a selfish “me” oriented society will put in front of them. Of course I know that is impossible -- what I need is the faith that let’s me pass on God’s wisdom to shape and guide their behavior.

Last week seemed like a week of reminders that faith isn’t a “vaccination” against bad things.

On Wednesday, Richard H. (see story about their anniversary a few weeks back) had a very unfortunate incident where he hit the accelerator rather than the brake while maneuvering out of a parking spot. Before it was over he had had an “encounter of the worst kind” with 5 parked vehicles. This was devastating to him as he had a very good driving record and he couldn’t understand how this had happened. While he was thankful that no one was hurt, when I talked to him Sunday he was still struggling with all the concerns that flood in and make it difficult to just let it go and move on with trust in God to work it out for good.

Friday, Mark Seeler experienced a heart attack – he seems to be recuperating but it reminds us all of our mortality. Mark had been a big part of getting the classrooms fixed up and was planning on more work around the building later on. His wife Sharon is spearheading the Children’s activity day planned for the 17th. We praise God that this wasn’t more serious. We pray for the wisdom to see ways to help them through this and that God will bless the plans for Saturday despite this setback. but we have to admit that it makes us wonder Why? …

Saturday, Florence Ward (Russ’s mother) also experienced a heart attack, She is one of these “ageless” seniors who never quits – always wanting to do something to help others
Then , we found out yesterday that Barb Hotchkiss has to have major surgery as soon as a slot is available in London Ontario.

Finally, on top of all that, Nick – who had been overcoming his past addictions and criminal behaviors and building a relationship with Jesus through faith -- was overcome by his demons and is now in custody for cocaine possession. How it hurts when we see people fail – can we understand that his failings are similar in nature to our own lapses – a lack of faith – albeit – the consequences may be more severe. We pray that he won’t give up on Jesus and that we won’t give up on him.

The gap between what we know is true about God’s love and care for us and how we behave in the face of life’s realities is real and sometimes very large – thank God for his grace, which helps us through these lapses in faith and for the renewal and the strengthening of faith that often comes as a result.

Well on to another week. I’m hope to have my high(er) speed INTERNET access set by tomorrow evening and that may help me be a little more regular in making these entries

God Bless
Charlie & Linda

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