Friday, June 16, 2006


The rest of the week has been relatively uneventful. Thursday morning I went golfing with my Dad and Lloyd Hotchkiss. Did some yard work and other household stuff in the afternoon. Today (Friday) I did some cleanup work in the yard and catchup on the household accounts. Linda spent the day preparing for the Children’s activity day on Saturday. I was the “researcher” looking up things on the INTERNET when she wanted a picture or in one case she was looking for “homonyms” (words that sound alike but mean different things).

This afternoon I went to do the final orientation to allow me to act as a volunteer driver for the Red Cross - taking seniors to& from doctor’s appointments, shopping, etc. and earlier this evening I went to help with final preparations for the Children’s day to-morrow. Linda is helping baby sit Tracy’s twins.

Anyhow – Monday I wrote about a bunch of “bad things” that were happening to people I know. Quick update: Mark Seeler is home—the tests didn’t show anything that required surgical treatment – the heart attack was very mild and he is recovering quickly – expecting to start back “light duty” at work next week.

Mrs. Ward is still in hospital with what has turned out to be gall stones rather than heart attack.

A couple of birthdays this week leads me to the topic of celebrations because June seems to be a particularly busy month in our family. To start Linda’s Mom celebrated her 82nd birthday on June 5th.

We were there on June 3rd to help her celebrate (just before we left to go to Aurora for the week).
Linda's sister Carol is on the right. Carol and her husband Jim celebrate their anniversary in June as well.

June 14 was my niece Debbie’s birthday.

In addition to going out for a family dinner we had a celebration for her at the church after Bible Study.

June 15 (Thursday) was my nephew Ken’s 25th birthday. That evening we went to his parent’s (Rob & Marilyn) place for supper to help him celebrate. (I forgot my camera but there is a picture of Ken with his parents and his sister in a post “A birthday & some anniversaries” a couple of weeks ago.)

Ken cooked the meat on the BBQ – a little unusual to have to cook your own birthday supper but he did a great job with the steaks and chops. My Dad and Jack & Barb King were also there. After dinner we enjoyed watching a DVD of some of my parent’s home movies from the 60’s which Barb hadn’t seen before. In addition to showing Rob& I & Dad as we were 40 years ago it had pictures of Barb’s mother and grandmother in that same time period. Lots of laughs and lots of memories.

June 18 is my sister Diamond’s birthday – I won’t mention her age but the youngest in our family (Lawrence) turned 50 in May (see earlier posting called “A birthday & some anniversaries”).

June 21 is our daughter’s Melissa’s birthday. This will be a special celebration for Melissa because yesterday she took and a passed her “orals” (comprehensive examination) about her knowledge of the area she is researching for her Ph.D. in environmental sciences. “All” she has left now is to do her research, writeher dissertation and defend it but still this was a major milestone. Of course her Mom & Dad are bursting with pride.

June 23 is our son Kevin’s 5th anniversary. He & Sarah were married in the chapel at Balls Falls Ontario on a beautiful June day. They now live in Coquitlam BC where Kevin is pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. Sarah called today to tell us that they had taken our grandson Will for a consult with a dental surgeon about a broken front tooth. Their dentist had recommended that it either be extracted or capped. However, the dental surgeon thought it was best to just leave it and keep an eye on it- which was a big relief to them & to us – the idea of a 2 and a half year old having a general anesthetic wasn’t very appealing. We are grateful that our prayers have been answered this way – at least for now.

Of course my favorite June celebration comes this Sunday – Father’s day. It really doesn’t take a special day for me to realize how much my children care for me but it is still a neat thing to receive those special calls.

The question that these celebrations and special days brings to mind is whether we realize that every day is special - or has the possibility of being special if we are placing our trust in God. "This is the day the Lord has mad. I will rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24

God Bless
Charlie & Linda

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