Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another week

Well we are (more or less) done with our classroom project. There is some trim left and we need to clean it up after that is done. Linda has really added her decorative flair to making these rooms look bright & cheerful places to be – they were pretty dungy & grungy when we started. I’ll put up some pictures eventually.

We went to Thessalon yesterday to help celebrate Linda’s Mom’s 82nd birthday which is actually on Monday. Two of Linda's sisters, their husbands and some of the grandchildren and great grandchildren were there as well. Only a small fraction of the total crew since Linda is the oldest in a family of 10. I was recruited to hang a hummingbird feeder and several wind chimes that hadn’t gotten done since the move to town last fall,

We are doing a presentation on our Pascagoula mission for the young people this a.m.

We are off to Chicago area (Aurora Ill) to stay with Tammye & the kids while Chris is off on a course. We will be back on Saturday,

That’s all I have time for now

Cgod Bless
Charlie & Linda

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