Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daily living (June 12-14)

So far this week we’ve been concentrating on projects around home.

Monday Linda finished up removing leaves and other debris from the back garden. Speaking of the garden we came home to lovely blooms on the rhodies and to lilacs. – they bloom late in the shaded area of our back yard. It is a lovely time of the year to sit at the table that we’ve put in the middle of the picture window which looks out over the back. – for breakfast or lunch.

I cut the grass and then got up on the roof to blow the “fallout” from the maple trees off the gutters. We have had an incredibly heavy amount of a yellow “fuzzy” pollen from one type of maple and then a snowstorm of keys from another. No one around here can remember anything like it in recent memory. While I was up there I trimmed a bunch of branches from the trees overhanging the roof (which took a lot of Tuesday morning to cut them up into bundles for pickup with the trash next week).

I had my truck towed to the garage to get the steering fixed. (I mentioned June 1 tthat it had broken down) – it turned out that it was a tie rod ends that had let go. Ended up that in addition to 4 tie rod ends, it needed a ball joint and new brake pads/rotors all around – the bill was north of $1500 – Ouch. I intend to sell it soon since we really don’t need to have 2 high cost vehicles on the go.

We also spent a fair bit of time on the phone talking to Roger about the situation with Nick and his girlfriend Tammy. Roger spent the whole day with them at bail court and then was back Tuesday a.m. before it was resolved.

Late afternoon I dropped Linda off at the grocery store , picked up my cable modem and then came back to help finish the shopping. Monday night I did some preliminary checking to confirm that my wireless bridge could be “seen” throughout the house from the planned location in the basement.

Tuesday - I had coffee with Roger before he went back to court. Dealing with the realities of losing a skirmish to Satan is always difficult – how to be the most support to Nick & Tammy was high on the agenda.

When I got home I was back doing yard work when the cable guy came and did the installation for the high speed INTERNET.

I made a trip to the police station to pickup my police check and dropped it off at the Red Cross needed to allow me to be a volunteer driver to take people to Doctor’s appointments. I stopped at Staples to pick up a router to allow me to connect my desktop and wireless bridge to the modem. (Actually, I was in a hurry and I ended up getting a switch and had to go back later to exchange for a router and to return the NIC card I had bought for the desktop and then discovered I didn’t need – for someone who is supposed to know about this stuff I wasn’t very efficient with my preparations!!).

Late afternoon I had a meeting at Sault College with Peggy Storey and Tom Marinelli (by teleconference) to discuss the agenda for a board development session for ADnet. I dropped Linda off to look for annuals for her planters and then stopped on the way back to help finish this and bring them home.

I spent a fair bit of time during the evening (until after midnight) connecting the components and configuring the desktop and laptop to set up a LAN and to get the INTERNET connections working. It was fun doing this since I hadn’t done any “hands on” IT stuff for quite a while.

We had an email from Sharon Seeler saying that Mark was home after having a procedure done in Petoskey – she says he is recovering and very glad to be home.

Wednesday: This morning Linda took me out to pick up my truck. When we got back she moved her flowers into the planters and I trimmed the shrubs in the front.

This evening we went to a family dinner to help celebrate my niece Debbie’s 50th birthday. We also had a small party for her at the church building after Bible study. I’ll try to include more about that - with some pictures in my next post.

Well – a busy week so far – lots of variety – nothing earth shattering but lots to think about as we focus on a daily walk with God – whether trimming trees, setting up networks or prayerfully seeking to help repair broken lives.

God Bless
Cahrlie & Linda

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