Friday, May 12, 2006

Why not me?

Seems like I’m down to doing this every other day. Partly because there isn’t that much happening in my life and partly because I’m having problems with my “free” high speed internet – I guess I’ll have to break down and upgrade to something more dependable.

I was also experiencing "car repair" shock -- we had a noise in our front wheel so I took it to Art my long time mechanic. It was a bad wheel bearing and that along with a couple of other things he found ( a battery post that fell apart when they were checking th ecable, and a brake line that "broke when it was touched" added up to a bill that was north of $800. Again I was thankful that these things were discovered in the shop rather than having left me stranded on the highway .

These "fortuitous" discoveries and my “near miss” (this is what the industrial people call a “close call”) when I barely avoided serious injury (Tuesday) and our "alls well that ends well" incident with the BBB on March 29 in San Antonio has had me thinking about how we are thankful that God has protected us – and I am – and I believe he does.

However, I’m more impressed by the faith of those who praise God for his gifts when sudden tragic events cause death or serious injury, when someone has to go through the horrors of serious illnesses, . I am in awe of those who remain strong in their faith and are convinced even in those “bad times” that God is protecting them and holding them in his arms

But it leaves me with a “weird” thought. Why is it that some people seem to be “Teflon coated” and while they may have some “close calls” they avoid the real tragedies. (I’m almost afraid to say this and have an irresistible urge to “knock on wood”) but I feel I fit in this category). I have lived over 60 years – doing a lot of stupid things – and haven’t had so much as a broken bone. The love of my life is similarly blessed and our 3 children and 3 grandchildren have so far escaped any real serious events. Others I know have had multiple accidents, serious crippling illnesses, are wheelchair bound – have had deaths and other tragedies. I know that it isn’t so much about what happens to us here as it is about our relationship with God – but it still raises questions. Most of the discussion and writing deals with “Why do bad things happen to good people?” – My question is “Why do other people of the same (or less) “goodness” escape bad things?”.

I think the best answer to both questions is “I don’t know – God knows and our job is to be thankful and praise him no matter what – and to trust that he will work good from the good and from the bad. I don’t believe that God is “arbitrarily” deciding OK I’ll keep Charlie from harm but I’ll let John suffer – that seems inconsistent with his promises to love us and be merciful. So we all were born with certain DNA and we all have made many life choices that bring us to the point riding behind a truck that backs up or buying a motorhome with a defective ball joint – what is God’s role in that outcome – the best I can come is that he may influence the timing and detailed choices to shape the outcome to allows the most good to occur in his kingdom.

Does this bother anyone else? Am I asking the wrong questions? (Actually I suspect this is also true – finding answers is often based on asking the right questions).

Enough rambling for today.

I’m accompanying my brother to Toronto area this weekend so probably won’t post again until I’m back next Wednesday.

God Bless

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JD said...

Trusting His sovereignty means knowing that we will not know ... nor can we know...everything we would like to know. I'm glad we don't know everything. I just wish everyone knew as much as I do. *cough* Just kidding. Have a great trip with your brother!