Friday, May 19, 2006

Watching paint dry (May 17-18)

When we went to Pascagoula our first big project was painting the Kelly house. I remarked then that this was one of my least favorite things. Well, somehow that seems to be where God is leading us right now. We have been occupied the past several with a painting project. I’m working on saying “Oh boy more painting - my favorite thing (you might have to go back to my entry about Max Lucado’s lesson - around April 2 - to get this.

We are painting over paneling, which has required that we do a “high adherence” primer first followed by a finish coat. There are also several doorways and doors to (re)paint.

Wednesday we took a break from 1 to 4:30 in order to go to the funeral home. It was a long line but we were able to express our support for Guy (Chris’ friend) and Mike Case. Since our house was a second home for Guy for several years, we felt like he was a part of our family. It was good to see him even if only for a few moments. He lives in the Ottawa area now and doesn’t get back to the Sault very often. We got his telephone number and passed it on to Chris.

Wednesday evening we kept painting until just before services – so we went to Bible study in our paint clothes – partly to illustrate that in certain circumstances being there may be more important than the clothes you are wearing but mostly because we wanted to finish the primer coat on the 2 rooms we were working on.

Wednesday was the 59th wedding anniversary for Richard & Ilse Herzog and it is also Ilse birthday. They brought cakes and other deserts to have a celebration with their church friends. They said this was the European way – and although they have been in Canada for well over 50 years they still retina a lot of their German traditions and heritage.

Anyhow in the past 2 days we have painted 2 classrooms at the church building and Linda has put wallpaper around the top 2 ft of the one room (it has a 10 ft ceiling). We plan to finish the 2 rooms to-day and the doors. I was talking to Russ Ward last evening. He & Mark Seeler are hoping to install some trim on Saturday so we will need to be sure that the trim is painted as well.

Anyhow – while it may not be quite as bad as “watching paint dry" :) :) (humor intended) not a lot of excitement in our lives – although we have experienced that range of “weeping with those that weep” “and “rejoicing with those that rejoice”.

God Bless
Charlie & Linda

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