Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blog pourri

I am relatively new to this world of writing a (potentially) public journal using a web log or blog . I have a couple of preachers that I can thank (or blame) depending on what you think of this - Roger for suggesting it in the first place and John Dobbs for pointing me to the tools to use and then encouraging me to keep on. I mention this because I like this ability to share both the “mundane” things of day to day living and the (hopefully) more important thoughts I have on how to capture the promise that Jesus made when he said he had come so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. (John 10:9-11 KJV). However, I'm also not always sure what to include and what to leave behind.

This morning I thought I would have a quick look at a couple of other blogs that I had found through John’s Hope Remains. I dropped in on Mike Cope - and found an interesting commentary (May 2nd post) from a book dealing with a Christian view of Sex, Love & marriage (not necessarily in that order.)

Caution: The rest of these blog references are written by preachers and generally deal with church related topics—particularly aimed at those who are attend “churches of Christ”.

I visited Marvin Phillips and read his report on the Tulsa soulwinning workshop. –Then I went to Gary Kirkendal who I had heard speak when we were in Pascagoula in March. I stumbled into a passionate dialog related to his “At Our Wits End” post for April 27th and the associated comments . I ended up putting in my 50 cents worth. (That’s 2 cents with inflation!!) and then moved onto a related discussion on Danny Dodd’s blog about why preachers abandon their “roots”and move to other groups or become “shoe salesmen” (I also heard Danny speak when we were in Pascagoula) – couldn’t help myself so I weighed in on that discussion as well. This was an interesting (to me) “blog tour”. I’ll have to do it again soon – when I can afford to get “lost in cyperspace” for a couple of hours. Which won’t be for a day or two.—likely more if my partner has any influence and she does!!!

Rest of the day was spent working with Linda in our backyard. We have lots of trees and the leaves from last fall had been used to cover the flower beds – we spent to-day cleaning out and bagging most of these – I have over a dozen full bags of leaves in the garage to haul to dump at the local composting operation tomorrow.

We called and talked to Camdyn because today was REALLY her birthday – we had celebrated early when we were there in April (see post for April 21 or thereabouts)

I did take a break around lunch to do some email while Linda was off visiting Vanessa and “mentoring” her on mothering her new baby.

This evening we went to our Wednesday Bible study and after had coffee at Tim Horton’s with Roger and Sandra - nominally to talk about what was needed to prepare class rooms for the half day” VBS” that is being planned for June. We did cover a few other topics as well!!

Filled the car with gas on the way home and it took $80 –a record!! Wasn’t that long ago that it had to be bone dry to get $40 into it—but we are thankful we have a car to put gas into.

God Bless
Charlie & Linda

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