Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To change or not to change?

Here I am again in my  sporadic efforts to get back to a regular routine of blogging.

The  blogs I posted in 2013 where dominated by the themes  of "endings and beginnings" and in a particular by  the major life event of having open heart surgery  to replace a "broken" aortic valve

That part of my journey was covered in a 4 part series in February 2013 called    How to Fix a Broken Heart
 Link goes to the 4th (and final) entry for the series)

I also reflected on some spiritual lessons  related to this event in a sermon series  in November-December   called  "The New Heart: My Heart Story".  

Today is the 1st anniversary of my surgery and I have been reflecting on "how has this changed me?". (or has it changed me in any significant way?).

Last night Linda and I watched a  "cartoon" movie called the Croods.  It looks at the need to for a "cave man" family adapt (change)  when an earthquake   destroys their  "safe" cave.

It is an often stated truism that it requires a significant event  to make significant change. However, it doesn't always  seem to happen.

So if I'm  disciplined enough -- over the next while I will explore this  question related to  whether or not a "near death" experience has  resulted in any significant and permanent change in my life.  and Why or why not? and how does this relate to the changes we might see in the lifes of those who - through faith -  are seeking to have their lives transformed by the Spirit (cf. Rom. 12:2)   Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind

God Bless

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