Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 25 (mostly from Linda’s journal)

We headed south to Abbeville and then drove Hwy 82 along the coast through little towns - Pecan Island, Grand Chenier, Oak Grove, Creole and (slightly larger) Cameron. All of these had major destruction- from Rita - basically wiped of the map.. Cameron seemed to be a town the size of Thessalon (1600-2000 people) - all the houses were gone, schools were just shells, businesses like garages with steel beam frames were twisted and torn skeletons – aside from the remaining junk most of it looked like a new town site with streets in place ready to start building. Terrible devastation and very little rebuilding.

We had a short ferry ride across a shipping channel into Calcasieu Lake just west of Cameron and then stopped along the highway at a beach that ran for several miles (The little hamlet of Constance beach was also wiped out) We walked for a mile or so along the beach. Saw these jelly like weird shaped things all over the beach – not sure what they are – have a picture so we may be able to find out. (Found out later that they were Cannonball jellyfish )

The coastal area of Louisiana is FLAT. Lots of water usually a “canal” along side the road. We saw rice paddies and crawfish farms. People were fishing all over the place.

Entered Texas around 5 and spent the night WALMART camping in Port Arthur.

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