Saturday, March 11, 2006

The forgetful blogger

I mentioned before that John Dobbs (the preacher here at Central) does a daily journal entry. A couple of times last week he was doing his entry after midnight and I was calling him the ” midnight blogger” - I haven’t done that- I’m usually out well before11 and I have been doing some of my entries early in the morning. However, I seem to always forget something and within a few minutes I’m either back making changes or trying to remember to mention something the next time.

So I forgot to mention that
- I have enabled comments – just click on the highlighted comments field and you can see any comments that have been made and submit your own. I’d enjoy your observations – but please be kind

- One evening when we were doing our daily Bible reading Linda thought I had dozed off (and may be I was close to it) so she finsished her readingandcontinued on to say “Jump up and run up the hill and take the little red rooster with you”. I said “little red rooster?? and looked at her with a look that set her to laughing her head off. This has become a way to get some comic relief if things get a bit tense.

- We are grateful to Karen Morin for sending us the Pinehill bulletin information each week, to Rob for taking care of some business for us and keeping us updated on news from home and to Roger for his encouraging email regarding the “blog”

- We finally got some time to visit with David & Elaine Kilbern. David is the project coordinator for the relief effort here and Elaine is involved in many things especially organizing the feeding of the thousands and keeping some semblance of order around the building. We had talked to them a little following services Thursday and then they came by the house Friday to have a look and spent a little while visiting. It is difficult to imagine the dedication that it takes to be tied to this work almost 24/7. They were sharing the fact that while they are spending their time on this effort they have had to delay their own plans to update their house—it wasn’t damaged in the flood but David had recently retired and, after 30 years of being in the house they were planning to do some redecorating. Linda said maybe she should volunteer to help them with that but I had to remind her that we weren’t planning to stay 6 months!!! Pray that God grants the strength they need to continue this work.

- Ann & Harry Lake (mentioned them last Sunday) have asked us to go to their place in Ocean Springs Sunday p.m. so we will get another tour this week.

- I know there are some other things too but I forget so I guess you could call me the “forgetful blogger” (You know they say the memory is the second thing to go as you age and I forget the first!!)

Not too much new today (Saturday) – we are still at least a day short of finishing the painting –partly because Linda decided to paint the inside of the medicine cabinet and the vanity in the bathroom and partly because we are doing touch up and trim in the hallway and one bedroom. It wasn’t a very good afternoon for Linda—she was a bit frustrated at doing finishing work on the areas that had been done by the “kids” – it is always difficult coming behind someone who does things differently than you would – and then she spilled a whole bunch of paint on the one area of the hallway that is a finished tile floor – so she decided to take a break and just scrub the floor – wanted to be sure to get it off before it set. We need the day off to-morrow and we’ll give it a fresh start on Monday.

Had about 75 people arrive this p.m. –some from Madison Wisconsin, some from North Carolina and some from Oklahoma Christian. David from OCC spoke at the service this evening talking about the need to kneel down to the Christ within us – main theme was to encourage those who had come to serve to be sure to take the time to keep close to God before embarking on the service work –good thoughts and encouraging.
Our daughter Melissa is on her way home to Kingston (Ontario) after spending a month in New Haven doing lab experiments on plants. –related to her graduate work.

Goodnight and God Bless

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JD said...

Charlie, you do a great job with your blog ... a real natural. I've already posted my blog for the night and it's just after 11!

What? You're not staying 6 months? We thought you loved us! (grin) Every day that you are with us makes it a lovely day. Thanks for all you do.

Now you've spent the day with the LaNes, and I know you enjoyed that.

See you tomorrow, my friends.