Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fantastic Helpers

We have been blessed with a bunch of help this week from the college group that was here.

On Monday and Tuesday we had (firstpicture - left to right) Sierra, Katie, Meredith, and Danielle. (I just found out to-night that Meredith had a bunch of her stuff stolen including wallet, camera, phone and clothes - she was out workingon a job and had left the stuff in the church building in the area where the clothing is available to community people. It is sad that people would take advantage of this situation to steal and it is even sadder that someone who is volunteering their time to help the community would lose her stuff . While she was hurt and angry, I was impressed at her maturity in dealingwith it. She said "It was only stuff" . She grasped the fact that a thief could only take stuff but couldn't steal what had been givento her as resultof coming here to serve. )

We had some others for part of the time –Joni came Tuesday a.m. and there was a big chunk of fence that had fallen over that John asked if we could move. So I called Neal Alligood and he brought over 4 guys – Silas, Chris M. and Chris H. and Jeff.. After we moved the fence the guys stayed for the rest of the morning cleaning up the yard. – taking out nine bags of leaves.
(second picture shows this group plus original 4). Neal (and his friend Rick - private joke!!) was a real bonus. He ferried us back and forth, scrounged up supplies and brought them to us when we forgot. Great people!!

On Wednesday we had Jenna, Katie,(different one), Kathleen, Michaila, Lauren, and Lindsay. (Shown left to right in 3rd picture). Jenna, Lauren, Katie and Lindsay returned on Thursday.

These are great kids –lots of energy – and they had given up their March break to come here to serve because of their love for Jesus and wanting follow his example of loving others and serving them. We had a good time visiting with them as we worked and getting to know a little about them.

With all that help we left to-day (Thursday) with all of the walls painted except 1/2 half of the bathroom. . PLUS all of the floors were cleaned, windows washed and light fixtures cleaned AND the yard cleaned –Our goal is to make it as ready for “move in” as we possibly can and minimize the trauma for Mr. & Mrs . Kelly when they come back,

With all this help we are only left with finishing bathroom plus trim in hall and one bedroom.
We praise God for the blessing that we have felt to have this great group of kids share this work with us.
We pray for their safety as they travel home to-morrow(Friday)


Gary W. Kirkendall said...

It was really great getting to know you a bit the last few days. Be careful in your travels, and sta in touch --

JD said...

hey... I'm jealous ... you remember names! I have to work on that! Your heart is a blessing to me ... thanks for falling into place so easily and becoming part of God's Family on the Coast.