Saturday, April 01, 2006

Remember the Alamoand Walking the (River)Walk

While preparing to pull out of the Alamo KOA Friday morning I was telling to 2 of my camping neighbors about our “jarring” mishap on Wednesday night. One of them is from Michigan and worked for Vickers hydraulics – the other from Milton Ontario is certified in doing metallurgical testing – both of them said the bolt on the ball joint was defective when I showed it to them. It was at least some comfort to be assured that there wasn’t any thing I could reasonably have done to prevent the bolt from breaking. Anyhow – we continue to praise God for having it fail when we were barely moving.

We drove back downtown and ironically took the same exit that we had accidentally taken Wednesday and I made the same wrong turn coming off the ramp – but this time I knew it right away and took a cross street to see if I could get turned around – lo and behold we came out right at the garage (Callahan’s) where we were towed. So not only had the part failed at a good time, we had exited at a place where we were almost in front of the garage. In any case that was were we wanted to be Friday a.m. because we had arranged to go there for an oil change. The bonus was that when we asked about somewhere to park the BBB while we went to the Alamo and River walk they let us leave it here -- It was about a mile hike in to the center of town but most of it was along the river.

The walk along the river is very nice. We got to the Alamo and spent a couple of hours there looking around and learning some of the history. “Remember the Alamo” reminds Texans of the sacrificial “fight to the death” against overwhelming odds served as the inspiration for the ultimate Texas victory at San Jacinto ( when Sam Houston routed Santa Ana’s forces even though he was again out numbered). It gave me cause to wonder whether those called to follow Jesus are sufficiently inspired by the sacrificial death of our Lord to take on the battle today against seemingly overwhelming odds??

After the Alamo we took a boat tour of the area referred to as the Riverwalk. Lots of interesting things to see – very enjoyable. So not only did we walk the walk but we had the talk about the walk.

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