Thursday, April 27, 2006

Almost home (April 21-23)

While home is where the heart is- it is inevitable that we think of home being where our house is. We have deep roots in Sault Ste. Marie having lived there for over 30 years - over 25 years in the same house at 38 Florwin Dr. We raised our family there. We worked there and we have been tested and made stronger through many fires with our family, friends and church community during those years – so at the end of it- when we think of home (on this earth) we think mostly of Sault Ste. Marie.

So being in Aurora which is only 800km (500 miles) from the Sault meant we were almost home. –and since Aurora is home for the closest (geographically) of our kids it is also a place we visit frequently so it is really a second home to us.

We had been there February 25-26 0n the outbound leg of our journey and here we were again –almost home.

The weather remained beautiful- intothe80’s through Saturday—it was a little cooler Sunday and a lot cooler on Monday.

In Febraury we had taken Hunter out to buy a gift and for lunch at the Steak & Shake as a late celebration of his 8th birthday (which was on February 10.)

Friday morning we took Camdyn out to buy a gift and for lunch at the Steak & Shake as an early celebration of her 6th birthday(which is on May 3) It was nice of Chris & Tammye to “arrange” this timing of birthdays so we could do this!!!

We had a good weekend visiting with them. Saturday was a bit hectic because each of the kids had a birthday party to attend. Tammye & Linda went out shopping for a gift that Tammye had given Linda for Christmas (and it also turned into Mother’s day gift as well)

During all the going and going and delivering and picking up kids I ended up alone at the house with Sonny (their bijon frezier- spelling?) for awhile. Sso I ended up doing some yard work – spraying dandelion sand mowing the grass

In the evening all of us (except Camdyn) played the Mexican train which is a game played with “12 spot” dominos. Lots of fun and lots of laughs – Hunter observed that we each won one game – except for him – he won 2!!.

Sunday morning we went to the park near their house . Hunter & I took on Chris in some “2 on 1” basketball. This isn’t my game but Hunter has a pretty accurate shot so we managed to out score him 2 to1 as well. I don’t think Chris was trying too hard since he plays quite a bit with some friends and probably could have kept us in check better than he did. .

It is along haul to drive the BBB from Aurora to SSM in one day so we pulled out around 3 and headed north staying Sunday night- one last time at our favorite camp ground a Walmart in Chilton Wisconsin. (just south of Green Bay) .Just before weleftCamdyn showed up with 2 ofherneighborhood playmatesforatourof the BBB and a raid on the "cookie jar" -- they had beenplaying dressup at Jennelle's house andI had to have a picture of the "princessess)

As we pulled away from the curb at Chris’ we heard a noise from the rear of the BBB but when Linda looked out she didn’t see anything so we assumed it was just something that had fallen in one of the bins. Later, when we called Chris to let them know we got home,we discovered we had left them a parting "gift".As I was pulling away from their curb I turned hard to miss some tree branches and the back end of motorhome caught their mailbox and wrecked it. --- -shades of the new Robin Williams movie –RV.

I’ll close this chapter of our journey in my next posting with an update on the final part of the trip and our first few days at home.

God Bless
Charlie & Linda

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