Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happiness isn't... Blogging

My last 2 posts – (the latest one over 6 weeks ago!!) dwelt on the theme “Happiness is ..”

The title for this is intended to be a little “ironic” (if that is the right word) because I will start by saying

Happiness isn’t having time to keep up with my blog posts because if it was I’d be prettymiserable and I’m not.

Most of October and all of November have been a blur.

First I am teaching a course at the university which consumes 12-16 hours/week. Then there are the fall cleanup things – leaves to rake, winterizing, etc. that need to be squeezed in.

My Dad had a cold and then some problems with pain in his side that resulted in 2 consecutive weekends at the ER.

At the same time Linda was experiencing a recurring dry cough that eventually required (the 3rd weekend in a row) a visit to the ER to be diagnosed with atypical (“walking”) pneumonia.

I spent 2 weeks –more or less full-time doing wiring for our addition at the church building(it was a big celebration for me when we got the “rough-in” successfully inspected on November 18.

In all that there were many good things to celebrate and be happy about most notably

Our trip last weekend to Kingston to attend the Fall convocation at RMC where ”Dr.” Melissa was granted the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences. (I hope sometime to devote a post to this event along with pictures - also see my Wednesday, September 17, 2008 post)

And this weekend we are in the process of doing something a bit unusual.

For many years there have been 2 relatively small congregations of similar beliefs meeting separately here in our city. At the initiation of the smaller group we agreed to merge the "2 into 1.We met with them this mornng as they said farewell to their meeting and tonight “we” meet the first time at the Pinehill building as a new combined group. We pray God’s blessing on this work that as one larger group we can better serve Him and the community here.

Well that’s all I can squeeze in for now – I wanted you (if there is still anyone checking) to know that I’m still alive and indeed Happiness is ..NOT having enough time to blog or do FACEBOOK (although if it goes on for too long withdrawl symptoms may catch up to me)

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Glad you managed a post, Charlie. Your last while sounds beyond hectic. Hope it calms down soon.

Candle (C & L) said...

Thanks Wendy -- It will calm down because for me hectic is calm :) :)