Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This will be a short post—mostly I hope to let my faithful readers (maybe one or 2 of you!!) know I’m still alive.

When I wrote in June that I wasn’t going to be “OCD” about writing I wasn’t really intending that it would be a month or more between posts on a regular basis but it almost seems like it has worked out this way.

Of course the earlier part of the summer was consumed by travelling back & forth to Thessalon as Linda had the opportunity to care for and be a companion to her mother during her final weeks on this earth.

I may have said this before, one day as I was driving the 95 km (55 miles) from home to “home” (my sister-in-law’s driveway where we had the BBB parked) I thought I haven’t driven this road as many times in a short period for almost 42 years since the summer before Linda and I were married. I was working in the Sault and she was at home – having completed her nursing training in June - helping her Mom and preparing for the wedding. Of course the road has changed a fair bit with many more passing lanes and sections of 4 lane – none of the long lineups caused by a slow moving vehicle towing a camping trailer so the trip is faster and safer. (especially since I was no longer an impatient 20 year old who wanted toget home to see his girl or who was rushing because he had left late and needed to get to work.)

Anyhow, we came home after the funeral and dived right into making preparations for the long August weekend . We had a family reunion (my family) precipitated by the fact that my brother Elwood and his wife Shirley had come from Arkansas. I copied the following account from my facebook “wall” where I reported that I was “fed up” by Tuesday.

“My brother Elwood and Shirley from Little Rock, my sister Ruby and Art (Ford) from Beamsville and my brother John and Diane all arrived in Sault Ste. Marie Thursday evening. We had a full weekend of visiting and eating. (John & Diane brought Linda a lovely bouquet of yellow roses in memoryofher Mom)

Elwood, Shirley and my Dad were at our house for dinner Thursday and they stayed with Dad. Ruby (my sister) and Art stayed with us. John (my oldest brother) & Diane parked their T@B trailer at my niece Megan's place.

Friday morning my Dad, four sons (John, Elwood, Charlie & Rob) and one son-in-law (Art) went golfing at Root River.
Friday night we had 18 people at our house for a BBQ -- which was interesting when I discovered that my BBQ wasn't working -- Thank goodness for the grill in the oven!! S

Saturday afternoon there were 16 of us at (my sister) Diamond's camp near Searchmont and Monday there were (about) 20 of us at (my sister) Goldie & Morris place at Bright Lake

10 of us went to Amici's for lunch on Sunday and also were at the monthly "birthday's & anniversaries" event at church in the evening.

It was great!!”

The only one of my siblings that wasn’t here for the weekend was the youngest my brother Lawrence (far right in this family picture taken almost 2 years ago when we congregated on Thanksgiving (October) for an early family celebration for my Dad’s 90th.

Since then I’ve been busy helping with the construction project at the church building. We are adding a new entrance to accommodate a lifting device to make our facilities more accessible for the aging and those with physical handicaps and preparing for the course that I’m scheduled to teach in September as well as teaching an adult class each week at our Sunday assembly. I’ve been reviewing the purpose and meaning of the Lord’s table.

We made another trip to Thessalon on the 10th -- to visit with the family of the late Heb and Margaret Weir. We grew up with this family. I was baptized at the same time as Norman – the oldest son – who now lives in BC and was back for one of his rare visits east. The (I think) youngest daughter Arlene is one of Linda’s “adopted” daughter/sister’s and they have maintained a close relationship even though Byron and Arlene and their family had to move away for employment reasons in the 90’s.
On Monday Linda also had some business to take care of related to her mother’s estate.

To-day we go on the road again. This time to my nephew (Mervyn) Lee Whitfield’s wedding in Kitchener on Friday. We hope to visit with some friends in the area on Saturday and then go to Kingston for a short visit with Melissa and Alexander –and then take a few days travelling home in time for me to start teaching after the Labor Day weekend. I guess this is an early anniversary trip (it is September 3) since labor day is early this year and we won’t be able to take our “traditional” weekend trip closer to the actual date. .

I’ll close with a reference to this post by Dee Andrews about the Whisperings of God (May 18) which I’ve had floating around in my files for several months.
God Bless


Tim Archer said...

Count me among the faithful readers (well, faithful skimmer sometime, but I still always check out what you write).

Be blessed.

Grace and peace,

Dee Andrews said...

Charlie -

I know y'all are traveling, but please remember all of us here in south Mississippi near the gulf coast in the face of the looming hurricane Gustav.

They have just reported on TV out of New Orleans that the hurricane may be a Category 4 when it strikes land, which is even stronger than hurricane Katrina was three years ago today.

Thank you all SO much.