Monday, November 05, 2007

The "re-wedding" Part 2 - (The ceremony)

The wedding ceremony:

Alexander and Melissa - September 15 2007

The ceremony was wonderful - I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The guests assembled

The piper piped

The wedding ceremony was performed by Alexander’s father who is a minister in Sweden.

They said "I do" (again)
They exchanged rings (this was new)

And they kissed

Mr. & Mrs. Whitfield Aslund - It's (doubly) official

Back down the "aisle" to a new life together

A happy bride and groom

And happy parents

And happy grandparents - Grandma Martha (Linda's Mom) and Grandpa Mervyn (Charlie's Dad)

The wedding party posed for pictures

In 1966 we were two; in in 2006 there were 11 -- now for the first time in one picture the expanded Whitfield family
I had some technical difficulaties uploading the pictures --so that's why this is a day later than the "story of the "re-wedding".
A happy time and a chance to know God's blessings which I pray for each day for Melissa & Alexander and for our entire family.
Now that I've gotten the "big event" recorded maybe I can get back to blogging about "regular" stuff a little more often.
God Bless

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