Monday, August 06, 2007

A quiet summer

I haven’t been blogging much for the past several months. Maybe “writer’s block”, maybe laziness or busy-ness or maybe it's just that it didn't seem there was a lot to write about. Not sure I can explain or that anyone cares for that matter.

Since we got back from BC six weeks ago (aside from the weekend trip to the wedding and to see Melissa which I covered in my last blog) we have been pretty busy with a major landscaping project (I wrote a little about that in my "rocky path" post a month or so ago). That coupled with the regular demands of daily living and summer maintenance has filled our days.

The first picture shows what it used to look like along the front of our house . The second pictures shows the "new look". We have pretty well finished the “rocky path” and the associated landscaping.

We pulled weeds from the lawn area seemingly “forever” but last Tuesday morning I took a leap of faith and re-seeded. This morning (Monday) I was pleased to see a few new grass sprouts here & there. I’m hoping that it will soon be a sea of green – We’ll see this week if how that goes.
(This weed-pulling and re-seeding seems like a natural for a modern day parable - weeds in our lives, the futility of trying to fix ourselves - the need for renewal through God's grace -- well maybe -- but since I'm trying to do this without outside help it doesn't quite fit --at least I hope it doesn't fit - if it turns out that my efforts are futile and the weeds win then I'll have to revisit the parable!!)

We found an arbor (one that Linda intends to use as part of the “wedding” in September) that was a key part of the “vision” Linda had for the revamped front yard and it is assembled and temporarily in place. I have to figure out how to install permanent footings so it won’t blow over if we have a high wind(right now I’ve got it tied off to a tree but that doesn’t seem to be a good long term approach!!.

I have spent sometime over the past 2 weeks ordering textbooks and doing other preparatory work for the course I expect to be teaching this fall (assuming they are cancelled for lack of students which can happen).

One unpleasant thing that has happened is that Linda has contracted “shingles” – one hip and leg is affected. It has been very painful and has kept her bedridden a lot of the time. She is “stubborn” however and rests for an hour or so and then gets up and is back at the work – painting, housecleaning, washing curtains – etc. We have had words a few times when I’ve tried to tell her to stop – anyhow we are praying that this will not last too long – especially with the wedding coming up and all the stuff that needs to be done to prepare for it.

Our new “preacher” Paul Hillier (and his wife Michelle) arrived here to take up the assignment on July 1. Lloyd & I and Paul have spent time each week “orienting” Paul to the congregation and talking about approaches to the work here. We kicked off a”40 days of prayer” initiative this morning -- based on the fact that many significant Biblical things occurred in 40 days, -- the flood, Jonah’s warning to Ninevah and Jesus time of prayer prior to his temptation.

I took a couple of hours this afternoon to take my Dad to Thessalon. He & my Mom worked several years during the summers as the “overseers” of the township heritage centre at Little Rapids. Every year on the August Civic holiday that have a heritage day event and he had not been able to go for several years.He enjoyed meeting and visiting with his friends and neighbors from when they lived in that area.

So we have been working steadily during June & July bu the tempo and urgency is picking up as we go into August-- 5 weeks until the big event – that’s scary.

As I reflect on what seems to be a fairly humdrum summer I remind myself that I need to remember that each day is one God has given us and we want to live today rather than spend today getting ready for tomorrow. (but we also need to get ready for tomorrow!!)
I also have not been doing too much "visiting" on other blogs. But I did see a few things that were of interest

Dee Andrews provides a touching description of how her mother is part of the fabric of her life ( click HERE)

Reports of VBS by Neva (click HERE) and Bobby Valentine (click HERE)drew my memory back to the “Wild About the Bible” kid’s day that Pinehill put on last year. Sadly we haven’t been able to do anything similar this year. Perhaps next year.
I hope you have a great August
God Bless


preacherman said...

Great post.
I can't believe that it is already August. It is crazy. Almost over for us and my boys and wife back to school soon. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was very encouraging to me. Look forward to reading more posts. God bless. I wish I could have some could have some quiet this summer but doesn't look like it. :-) Again I thought it was a great post and again. God bless you and your faith.

Tim Archer said...

In Argentina, they put India ink on shingles. They say it works. Might be worth a try.

Grace and peace,

Neva said...

So glad you are back, I really missed you. I check periodically and it such a blessing to find a new post.

Thank you for your kind words,

Danny said...

Reading this post is an inspiration for me- since I am facing some major landscaping projects myself. The pics let me know the work will be worth it.

Sorry to hear about the shingles. Had a very minor case of them once years ago so I can empathize.