Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life with Will – May 24

I just learned that my Dad went into the hospital back home yesterday – it doesn’t appear to be serious but he is 90 so any problems are of concern. Please be praying for his recovery.

Our grandson Will is an independent, energetic and (in our view) very intelligent 3 and a half year old. We have spent time looking after him every day but 2 since we arrived here on May 5.

He is naturally apprehensive about having his parent away and being alone with us. However, we can be with him for 2 to 3 hours before he gets to concerned and that is usually the longest period we are alone.

This first picture was taken May 11 at the Coquitlam Town Centre Recreation area. That day we were with Sarah and had walked there (about 1km from their house). We were throwing a little football on the edge of the field and running back & forth on the track.

On May 12, they came out to the campground

We went for a walk and a picnic in the Tynehead Regional Park. The pictures shows Will & Grandpa playing throwing rocks into the water,

Will pretending to be a swordsman and

Will & Sarah hiding in an cedar stump

Sunday May 13, Kevin took us to the Vancouver Science Centre (Telus World of Science) and Will had a great time exploring the various exhibits. They have a membership and make frequent visit there so a lot of our time was having Will act as tour guide showing us the various things of interest to him. He spent a long time playing with the water table - making dams and changing the direction of the water flow

May 15 was a beautiful sunny day and we went with Sarah to the White Pines beach in Belcarra (north of Port Moody) –met up with Bianca and Christian – he is close to Will’s age. Unfortunately, my batteries died so I didn’t get may pictures. (also note that for some reason, on May 10, the date on my camera reset back to January 1 2002 so all these pictures have the wrong date – add 9 to get the correct day in May. I just noticed it and fixed it this morning)

On May 19, we took a day trip with the BBB to Queen Elizabeth Park

and the Bloedel Conservatory.

It was rainy with sunny breaks – but we were able to spend acouple of hours outside with only a couple of drizzly period – we had raincoats and umbrellas so it was fine.

Linda & I first visited this location in 1979 (28 years ago) on May 21 to attend the wedding reception for my brother Rob and his wife Marilyn-- it was held in the Season’s restaurant

Many of their wedding photos were taken in the little quarry garden.

We stopped at the Rocky Point park in Port Moody on the way home and had supper together in the BBB.

It was good that we did this on Saturday because that it poured rain all that night and most of the day on Sunday.

Monday however was a relatively nice day and we took Will for a long walk to the Coquitlam centre. While there he started playing with another boy who was there with his parents – I was talking to the father and discovered he worked for the same company (Thompson-Carswell) as my brother Lawrence – although he didn’t know him – he is a salesman here in BC and Lawrence is in the IT area working in Toronto.

Well I’m going to close off now. We are heading to Harrison Hot Springs for an overnight trip with Kevin, Sarah and Will to-morrow.

I do have a few “challenges” such as a water leak in the HHR that showed up on theweekend during the rain storm—which has killed the heater motor and some other things that are “testing” us but I’ll deal with those later.

God Bless


Tim Archer said...

You have a beautiful family. May God continue to bless you in your travels.

Grace and peace,

Neva said...


We have our grandchildren right now while new baby brother is in hospital. How come it was so much easier when we were younger? :)
Thanks for sharing

Neva said...

Missin' ya.