Saturday, April 21, 2007

The HHRs and the BBB – Cruise 2007: Day 1-3 (April 16-18)

I’m actually playing catch-up. I’ll try to write a bit each day – actually this is Wednesday and we are parked on the street outside Chris’ house. I don’t have my usual “free” wireless Internet here this time. I’ll have to take my computer inside and see if I can pick up something there or else I’ll have to plug into Chris’ Internet but I don’t know when I’ll have time to do that so I may end up posting a bunch all at once.

Anyhow we are on the road again – actually we’ve finished Leg 1 – Sault Ste. Marie to Chicago. 800 km. (500 miles) in 12.5 hours – limited to 100 kph (or 60 mph) because of the tow car (the Chevrolet HHR). We plan to be here until next Tuesday (24th). At this point we have nospecific plans for our trip west to Vancouver. (I forgot to take a picture when we pulled out from the Sault so I'm using this one from April 25 taken just before we left heading west from Aurora)

Monday morning we were up early (6:30) doing last minute preparations. We got to Christies around 8:15. I started setting up the hitch myself and it turned out to be fairly straightforward (self-explanatory notes on the various pieces. We needed an adaptor for the wiring harness and Christie’s technician wired that in. He then checked what I had done showed me some details and we were off. It was still a little nerve-wracking to just take off with the HHR in tow – we were glad for the camera but it turned out that it stopped working once we were moving (what I discovered later is that the camera (wireless signal) is in the “shadow” of the BBB (Big beautiful beast or our motor home) and it needs something to “bounce” the signal from in order for the receiver to pick it up – As we drove it would fade in and out -- particularly it would come in view if we had a transport come up behind and pass – or if there was wire fence or along bridges where there were barriers along the edge. Overall it was comforting to have that happen since it confirmed that the car was still following along.

Speaking of the HHR – Linda and I were talking about it as we drove and she came up with “Happy Healthy Rover”, which I thought applied to us more than the car. For the car the Hitch Hiking Rider seems more appropriate. So we’ve decided that it’s the HHR’s and the BBB on the road. HHRs = Healthy Happy Rovers – us and the HHR (the car)

Tuesday Chris took the day off and we started working on the basement again (Click HERE and scroll down for the start of that story). Chris had put up some of the drywall and he is anxious to get the bathroom functioning. The first thing we needed to do was add a closet to the end. It took most of the day to get the materials and work out the framing but it got done. Wednesday (18th) we did a little more framing and finished putting up the drywall in the bathroom. It has been good to be here – seeing the kids and visiting with Chris and Tammye –and working with Chris on the basement project. I don’t like the taping and mudding part of drywall and Chris wants to g ive it a try so I’m giving him what little advice I can and letting him go at it.

I am using the INTERNET and email to keep up with things at home. The HOUNDS lost the 7th game Monday night after coming back from a 3-0 deficit to tie 3-3. Barb Hotchkiss had more surgery on Tuesday to clean out the incision. Hopefully that’s the last of it. Erin Hallam was back in isolation again. Our prayers are with them. We also learned on Sunday that Ross Hall has to have a series of tests on his heart this week. He has ongoing problems but he was concerned at the need for these in depth tests.

Well I’m going to close off on this post and start another for the second half of the week.

God Bless


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