Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Year in the life …

March 3 2006 I posted my first entry in Whitfield’s journey. (Click on “first entry” or click HERE).

That post opens with a picture from February 23 showing the “BBB” sitting in our snow lined driveway ready to head south to Mississippi.

The last picture shows it sitting beside the Central church of Christ in Pascagoula Mississippi on March 2nd.

The “snow picture” is pretty representative of what I see out there today (except the “BBB” is sitting in storage and we are not planning to leave soon. )

John Dobbs sent me an email last week updating me on some of the people we had met while there (Thanks John!!) and kindly pointed out that it was in the 70’s and very nice there (although they did get some “weather warnings” later in the week with a ”killing tornado” hitting Enterprise Ala (haven’t checked a map so I’m not sure how close that was).

Anyhow he certainly made us think that it might be nice to be back in our “spot” there and helping out with the continuing work on “healing” the scars of Katrina – both physical and spiritual.

Alas it seems God wants us to remember what a Sault Ste. Marie winter is like after missing 2 months of winter in each of 2005 (when we went to Phoenix) and last year to Mississippi and Texas - as described in “Whitfield’s journey” entries for March & April.

I have 2 short observations –
One is that when I go back and read through the blogs I sometimes am amazed at the number of things we did this past year and the changes in my thinking and approach to spiritual matters that has evolved out of those experiences.

Secondly, it just doesn’t seem possible that a year has elapsed but it is true - 12 months – 52 weeks (and a bit), 365 days … (well enough math –you get the point) , 111 posts (this one will be 112), many adventures – and much routine living and a blink of an eye and here we are March 3 2007.

Amazing!! (Reminds me of my version of the saying—how time flies when you are having fun and even when you aren’t!!)

This is a very short post because (as I posted in a comment on Bobby Valentine’s blog this morning) those spinning wheels have turning into an overwhelming list of “must do’s” that have left me feeling like I’m spinning in mud and getting stuck.

However, I couldn’t let the anniversary pass without at least some comment.

It may be a while before I get a chance to come back and update you on events and thoughts as we “blaze” through the second year of my record of our journey but I do appreciate those who have continued to drop by and especially those who have left comments

God Bless


Neva said...

Glad to see you back--missed ya brother. Congrats on a full year of bloggin---not sure I will make it that long before I run out of ideas. :)

Tim Archer said...

It's always a pleasure to read your thoughts. Glad you took time today to post them!

Have a great day!


Bobby Cohoon said...

Happy aniversary! Sometimes it seems our blogging time slips up on us and we have no clue how long we have been doing it.
Did you get an email from me about the comment you left at mine?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Charlie -

Sorry to be "late" speaking up, but I , for one, have greatly appreciated your friendship and your comments for a long while now and hope they will continue.

Isn't it a great blessing to meet brothers and sisters from so far away and to make connections! God be praised for our wonderful Christian blog friends.

As for the weather . . . it has been about perfect here of late with cold temperatures (down in the 30s) during the night time, but up to 70 or so by day and quite sunny and bright.

Cheers & Blessings to you and you family today, Charlie! Dee

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Charlie I always enjoy your thoughts. You help me stay focused on what matters.

Bobby Valentine

Candle (C & L) said...

Neva,Tim, Bobby, Dee & Bobby-- You are what makes this adventure worthwhile --I see your comments and I consider this -- I have 5 (and many more) Christian friends who I've met here in "bitland" --and who I would likely never have known if I hadn't gone to Mississippi last year and startedthis blog.

God is good -- Thank you all so much for your comments and for your interesting and challenging posts -- Each of you have contributed to the "route choices" of my ongoing journey I have learned much from each of you --

God Bless