Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still trying ... once in a while

Just a quick update to say I'm still here. We have spent the past 5 weeks commuting between our camper and home -- the time at "camp" is very relaxing and has also allowed us to do some needed repairs there. We have been doing the basics at home and trying to finish off the painting, flooring and trim for "our part" of the building extension. I have been reading a book called the "Brain that changes itself" -- recommended by Linda's chiropractor and also by my son. My interest in reading these discoveries of what can be done to overcome damage to our brain is too see how that connects to my theology. One thing I am certain of by faith is that nothing science discover about humans will be unrelated to what God has told us about humans -- although it may not have been revealed in any clear way. I'm a long way from doing any serious research on this connection so I can't say if I'll ever get tot he point of posting something coherent on the topic.

We will be unavailable most of July involved in fammily things so it may well be fall before I get into any serious discussion. I actually take this as a sign of progress as I am being more realistic about concentrating my energy on the 3 most important projects I have identified -- and allowing the rest to remain in the background. For now caring for my Dad, fulfilling my role as an elder and keeping up with other family matters fills my days -- well almost -- I also am taking more time for R&R and meditation --

God Bless